Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can You/Will You Read This Blog?

From the Blue Skunk Blog: The Blog Readability Test
This Blog is at a Genius Reading Level.
I submitted my blog address, and this was the result. I don't know the criteria and can't decide if such a "classification" will hurt or enhance my readership. So I'm posting the "results" as a one-time oddity and passing on the permanent site badge.

Genius is as genius does.


Cathy Nelson said...

Rats--I rank a junior high level...I want to see the algorithmsi that are used!! Well at least I have a growing authority in technorati (albeit slightly manipulated.) LOL

diane said...


I'm also very suspicious of how these ratings are achieved. It might just be the fact that I'm constantly quoting famous literary and historical figures.

Or it might be the quality of the people who respond :-)


Stacy said...

I feel somewhat insulted that it says that I rank junior high level! Travesty! (Well... actually, they might have a point there.)

diane said...


They don't say that the blogger writes on a Junior High Level, only that the readers have to comprehend on a jh level.

It's really more an insult to the audience than the author!