Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Most Loved Children's Books

The link to this graphic was sent to me by Sarah Fudin, of USC Rossier Online. I'm happy to share it here and to add an endorsement for both “March into Literacy” Month, and its sponsor, Toys for Tots Literacy Program. (I have no ties to either the university or to Toys for Tots).

As a librarian, bibliophile, mother, and now, a prospective grandmother, I celebrate reading and its importance in the development of children. Make time to share these and other stories, both written and oral, with younger generations. It's the gift of a lifetime.

Most Loved Children's Books - MAT@USC
Via MAT@USC: Become a Teacher

I would certainly not have included the Twilight series as a "children's classic."
What would you add or delete?

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