Wednesday, January 1, 2014

On New Year's Day

"Another Year With Thee" by dmcordell
 As I have done for the past few years, I've created a short slideshare with some highlights of the last 12 months. It serves as both a reminder of what I've done, and a pointer to what might lie ahead.

Another task for the new year is to update my blog Flickr badge generator. This is my 6th year of participation in the 365 Challenge. I find that this activity acts as a visual journal, while stretching my powers of creativity and observation. The other members of the Challenge groups post their own contributions, so there are constant examples of innovative photography from which I can learn.

The groups I belong to are Project 365, 2014/365, and 365 Project. To learn how to create a badge generator for any type of Flickr set, you can refer to the posting I originally wrote in 2010.

I hope that 2014 finds all of you full of optimism and enthusiasm for the future. Have fun, take lots of photos, and Happy New Year!


Pat Hensley said...

Great photos! I enjoy seeing all that you have done. I am taking a break from the 365 project this year. I usually do it every other year. Thanks for sharing.

diane said...

Thanks, Pat! Even though this is a "rest year" for you, I'm sure you'll continue to share lots of interesting images. Have a wonderful New Year!

Randhir Singh said...

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