Monday, July 15, 2013

Podstock Photowalk

"Self-portrait" by dmcordell
I'm excited to be attending my first Podstock this week, in Wichita, KS. This mighty little conference brings together an eclectic mix of educators from across the country to converse, collaborate, and have fun learning.

Although I wasn't able to be there in person last year, I did participate virtually in the first Podstock Photowalk. By setting out at approximately the same time of day, and choosing a similar location (a small local city with some historic older buildings), I duplicated the feel, if not the "reality," of the experience.

Photowalk resources
Virtual Podstock Photowalk

Here's this year's information...please join us on Friday!

Photowalk  Podstock  2013 Friday,  July  19
With  special  guest  photographers:  John  Martin  and  Diane  Cordell
We  are  excited  to  announce  our  second  annual  Podstock  PhotoWalk!  This  event  will  take place  Friday  morning  (July  19,  2013).  We’ll  be  gathering  to  take  a  walk  and  explore  the surrounding  Wichita  Old  Town  area  around  the  Podstock  conference  center.  It’s  a  great way  to  make  new  friends,  find  some  hidden  gems  for    photos,  as  well  as  stretch  our  legs before/after  a  long  day  of  sessions.
We’ll  gather  at  a  Old  Town  Hotel  Lobby    and  have  planned  stops  for  potential  photo opportunities,  but  participants  are  always  welcome  to  pause  and  shoot  as  the  eye  desires.
There  will  also  be  a  couple  of  geocaches  to  look  for  along  the  way! Afterward,  we’ll  share  our  photos  in  a  Flickr  group  to  see  what  magic  others  have  captured!
If  you’re  interested  in  participating,  keep  reading  for  all  the  details! *Virtual  participants  are  very  welcome  to  participate!  see  details  below
Support  Resources
http://digital-­photography-­­tips-­for-­a-­great-­photowalk  great  book  on  photo  safari
Date  &  Time
July  19,  2013
7am  –  Old  Town  Hotel  Lobby  for  photography  tips,  geocaching  information,  and  group  picture 7:15am  -­  begin  walk
8:30am-­Podstock  sessions  start

Photo  Themes
Morning  walk: Basic  Learning  Blocks  (colors,  alphabet,  numbers,  etc) Technology
In  Shadow  /  In  Light
Happiness  is...
Take  a  Closer  Look

Signing  up
Just  join  the  Podstock  group  and  spread  the  word!
Sharing  your  pics
Twitter  Hashtag
Flickr  tags:  PodstockPhotoWalk13,  Podstock13,  and  your  theme  name (virtual  participants  also  tag  with  VirtualPodstock)
You  can  also  choose  a  theme  and  upload  them
*Virtual  participation
For  those  who  aren’t  able  to  be  at  Podstock  in  person,  but  who  would  still  like  to  join  in  on  the  fun virtually,  we  have  the  Virtual  Podstock  PhotoWalk!
Here  are  the  rules  of  the  game: 1)  Pick  your  own  time  of  day  (morning  and  evening  light  is  awesome) 2)  Go  shoot  your  stuff! 3)  Upload  to  the  Flickr  just  as  the  rest  of  us  will,  but  be  sure  to  tag  your  photos  with
“VirtualPodstock”  so  we  can  be  sure  to  give  a  little  extra  love  to  your  dedication  and  participation.