Friday, December 7, 2007

Students 2.0

"The secret in education lies in respecting the student." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

There have been many discussions about "Student Voice" in the edublogosphere. Students 2.0 promises to be the real deal: a blog written and maintained by an amazing group of young adults, ranging in age from 14 to 17. Scattered geographically, they are united in their desire to examine and question the 21st century world they inhabit.

Their opinions might not jive with ours. Their outlook needs to be different from ours. We don't always have to agree with their opinions, just listen, interact, comment. But with respect for what they are doing and becoming at such a young age.

Congratulations to Anthony, Arthus, Dillon, Kevin, Lindsea, Nicole, Sean and Stacy. I won't wish you "good luck" because I know you'll create your own luck.

And congratulations to Clay for helping bring this all together. You've done us a great service.

"We really have a problem with perception in education. Technology is perceived too much as invasive to the learning and thinking structures. Technology is seen as basically a virtual reference book and type writer - no social aspects to it. Technology in school is something that is called upon when needed - to look something up or write a “final draft.” Instead, it should be seen as a constant companion, always there to socialize, share, research, and learn. Unfortunately, we are a long way from that. Before we even start leverage the possibilities of the web, teachers need to be comfortable with technology in the class room." -Arthus

"When I really come down to it, I think it’s that I like learning. Not math or science (well, I like technology and electronic gadgets a lot– just don’t spout numbers and expect me to stick around long) but I like things I can relate to and experience." -Stacy


CB said...

A wonderful post from a wonderful woman. Funny how close I feel to you (and I'm not being creepy here).

Your quote of Arthus opened my eyes to more of his brilliance.

We're in for something meaningful here, I think.

Thanks again, Diane - as always.

diane said...


Cyber interaction gives people the chance to connect in something akin to an "out of body" mode.

Age, race, physical attributes are incidentals. We communicate mind to mind, spirit to spirit.

How else could I step out of my own place and time and become a colleague and friend to people as diverse and geographically separated as you in Korea, Carolyn in Texas, Cathy in South Carolina, and wonderchildren like Arthus and Stacy.

It reminds me of a YA book I hope to blog about some day, "Enchantress from the Stars" (Sylvia Engdahl).

Lord, I may start tearing up...
what a time to be alive!


CB said...

Amen to that. And you know it takes a lot to get me to say "amen" to anything ;)

What a time indeed.

We may be killing the planet - or more accurately, our own species and many others - but we're not doing it without beauty as we go. And maybe species, or at least civilizations, have to come to terms, like individuals, with their own mortality - and cherish life until it ends.

LJK said...

Thanks for the non-luck wishing! I know this is going to be a exciting experience.

Arthus Erea said...

Wonderful post! Thanks a lot for helping with our project. With so much support from wonerful people like you, I truly believe we can make a difference.

"wonderchildren," eh?

P.S. Here's the original post of my quote:

diane said...


Nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to hearing students tell us how they see the world rather than educators' speculation. We really care about your welfare, but our perspective is necessarily different.

I'm also a Taurus...are you really 571? At last, a blogger who is older than I am!


Yes, "wonderchildren". You have the gift of questioning, wondering, rather than just accepting the status quo. And chronologically, you may still be "children" but you are definitely "newly ancient" in outlook!


Stacy said...

I second Lindsea's thanks. :) I'm so excited!