Friday, May 23, 2008

Girls' Night Out

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Since we had one unused Snow Day left, our school district decided to use it on Friday, May 23, creating a most welcome 4-day weekend for the Memorial Day holiday.

Thursday seemed like the perfect evening for a Girls' Night Out.

Whenever work stress starts to mount - during standardized testing weeks or as the school year draws to a close - someone will suggest one of these impromptu get-togethers. Sometimes it involves dinner and a movie, once we enjoyed an evening of comedy (featuring female comedians) at a local club. Last night, five of us simply met for an extended dinner.

Although we teach in the same district, we rarely have the chance to interact during the work week. Yes, we did talk about students, testing, and schedules. But we're all women, all married, all moms. Health issues came up: one of us is a breast cancer survivor, another is about to return to work after recent surgery. Our mothering topics ranged from silly (how to cope with a family of living room sock-shedders) to serious (dealing with an adult child's autism). We quietly listened to a friend describe her unemployed husband's new involvement with poker. He had just returned from a jaunt to Atlantic City with a friend, and she wasn't sure when she'd decide to speak to him again. She wasn't looking for advice or even sympathy, only needed to talk about the situation with women who wouldn't criticize or judge her. Speaking about her frustration and anger seemed to comfort her; she knows we'll be there for her if she requires more support.

It wasn't a "wild" evening, though we've had some of those. It was satisfying on a human level. For all of my involvement with technology and Twitter, I still crave face to face interaction. It was fun to laugh and chatter in real time.

No matter your job description or workload, make sure to set aside some time to spend with The Girls. Whether it's coffee at Starbucks or a weekend in Vegas, you need a chance to connect with other working women.

Take a minute to think of some Girls' Night Out activities that would appeal to you. Then get online or get on the phone and make it happen.

"Young friends" by Gwennypics


Sarah Stewart said...

My best girlfriend who I do 'nights out' with has been away on secondment for a year so I have had very few girls nights out. But she is back in 4 weeks, so we're planning to hit the town. Our kids are coming along with us to keep an eye on us - what's with that!?

diane said...


Something similar has happened in our family: our two adult, married children have appointed themselves the keepers of the old folks. They smile indulgently and make sure we don't hurt ourselves dancing at weddings.

I can't quite figure out when the changing of the guard occurred.