Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Back

It was a very good year.

In case you're wondering:
January: New MacBook
February: Daughter & her husband with their new Scion xB
March: Elementary students enjoy books in the LMC
April: Forsythia in bloom
May: Tim & I at a wedding on Dunham's Bay, Lake George, NY
June: En plein air painting in our backyard
July: Tim's pictures on display at the Remington Museum, Odgensburg, NY
August: Morning workout at Saratoga Racetrack
September: The family (except for SIL, who had to work) enjoys Tim's retirement cruise
October: View of Lake George from Prospect Mountain
November: Riding a school bus on a field trip to Warrensburg, NY
December: Mom and her new afghan
Center: NECC Librarians' Panel, San Antonio


Unknown said...

Very cool way to portray the highlights of the year. I enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures. I have always wanted to arrive on a train at Saratoga and go to the racetrack.

Sarah Stewart said...

Love the image. How did you make it?

diane said...


Because my in-laws are horse owners, I've been able to go behind the scenes at the track.

Saratoga is a beautiful and fascinating place to visit.


I used the Collage option on - some variations are free, some come only with a Pro account. You might also try fd's Flickr Toys (the Mosaic Maker)

I love taking pictures, and it's fun to edit and arrange them.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for the mosaic idea-I'll look into that on Flickr. cheers & a happy new year!

jennylu said...

Just lovely Diane. Some really lovely images of the many different facets that make up life. Thanks for sharing that.

diane said...


Thank you for stopping by. The mosaics of our lives are all lovely, all different.