Friday, February 6, 2009

Cyber Safety: A Balanced Approach

Some of you have heard me refer to CyberSmart! before, either in my blog or on Twitter or Plurk. While I still maintain a full-time career as a K-12 teacher/librarian, I also work part- time as a professional development facilitator for the CyberSmart! Education Company.

Today, eSchool News featured CyberSmart! on their front page.

The article focuses on CyberSmart's new K-12 cyber bullying curriculum:
"The suite of K-12 lessons is being offered to schools free of charge in partnership with the National School Boards Association's Technology Leadership Network, the Character Education Partnership, NASP, and the National Cyber Security Alliance."

These are prominent associations sending a clear message: b
y offering guided practice in good digital citizenship, and modeling safe online behavior, schools can try to ensure that their students act appropriately whether inside a classroom or out.

CyberSmart's educational resources can help school districts address this need with free,
cross-curricular lessons aligned with national and state technology and information literacy standards.

Filtering alone is not the answer to cyber safety. Our duty as educators, administrators, and parents is not just to "guard" our children but to teach them how to navigate safely on their own in an increasingly digital world.

eSchool News webshot.
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Andromeda Jazmon said...

Glad to hear about this. We've used CyberSmart before and like it a lot.

diane said...

Our entire free curriculum has been updated and now expanded to span K-12. There are online and offline activities, with suggestions for ways to embed ditital tools. The cyber bulling unit includes some outreach material for parents.

Please share any suggestions or questions you have regarding CyberSmart! resources or workshops.