Friday, May 15, 2009

Prom Crash Friday

Every year, our district hosts an activity for high school Juniors and Seniors, plus invited guests from another area school, on the Friday before the Junior Prom.

The intent is to graphically reinforce the idea that drinking and driving lead to bad decision-making with potentially tragic consequences.

Two years ago, we lost recent graduates to a horrific crash. Responders at the scene were local residents; a young volunteer had to pronounce one or both young men dead just a year or two after going to school with them each day.

As the police officer in charge of the presentation reminded students, rural roads, inexperienced drivers, excessive speed, and alcohol or drugs are a deadly combination.

There will still be those young people who make bad choices. But if the Prom Crash demonstration and follow-up discussion save even one life, they will be well worth the time invested.


Paul C said...

Vivid slide show coverage of a meaningful demonstration for teens. This is another example of how technology has the possibility to enhance education and its applications.

diane said...


Prom was last night, no accidents reported today. Now if only they can stay focused on safety as graduation and summer freedom approach.

It might be a good idea to show my Current Events class these pictures before school ends for the year. Many of them have just turned 16, beginning drivers, think they're immortal.

Thank you for starting this train of thought!