Sunday, May 2, 2010

Don't Be Meek, Flaunt Your Geek!

*Temporary glitch - design licensing is being changed, badges will be available soon!

When Joyce Valenza formed a Geek Squad to help run the Unconference at AASL Charlotte, members thought it would be fun to create badges to advertise the group.

I've worn my badge to various events and people always ask where they can get one.

The design was created by Gwyneth Jones; I took her concept and created a final product at the Zazzle website.

Now Geek Squad badges are available for public sale. Gwyneth and I have conferred with Joyce, and we've all agreed to use any profits from the badges to help support the Teacher Librarian Ning.

Get your Geek on and support an excellent online community of library professionals! Ordering information is available on Zazzle


The Daring Librarian said...

We also have other designs that include the phrases "Ed Tech Geek Squad" and "Library Tech Geek Squad" for our fellow Geeky friends!

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