Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's NOT a Book...But It's Still Reading

While browsing the ALA fall graphics catalog, my attention was captured by a poster version of this trailer for It's A Book

It would appear, from the contents of the catalog, that the ALA equates reading for pleasure with the use of a physical book. The few computers pictured on posters or bookmarks were seemingly being employed for "research."

Although I'm a lifelong lover of printed books, I've just ordered a Kindle to use while traveling, fully anticipating that this device will increase my recreational reading rather than reduce it.

Are there lurking Luddites in the ALA organization? Shouldn't we be encouraging our students to read in any and every format?

Isn't engaging with literature what counts?

If any of you have the READ software, I'd love to see some posters of staff and students reading text via iPad, Kindle, laptop, or any other electronic device.


hloy said...

Awesome idea to have students pose reading an ebook! Thanks!

diane said...

If you make any posters, or even just take photos, please share with us!

Cathy Jo Nelson said...

LOL for our summer reading project kids were to log "minutes" (yikes) read. I've created a chart/algorithm for them to count screen time and mobile phone texting time. LOL. Kids are ecstatic and happily reporting their minutes.

diane said...

Wonderful, Cathy! Take lots of pictures - I'm starting a Flickr set for library & librarian pictures. If your school discourages photos of students, be creative (effects, hands with device, etc.)

@GwynethJones - The Daring Librarian said...

Oooh!I can't wait to hear if you LOVE love love your Kindle as much as I do... and consider downloading Garden Spells... it really was a sweet read!

And I also love the idea of having kids pose with the eReader for READ posters!

C'mon ALA...lets beef up our digital awareness!

diane said...


The Kindle is still in transit, but I'm already mulling over what to download. There will definitely be some old favorites that I know I'll re-read (Jane Austen; Sherlock Holmes; Dorothy Sayers; Philip Pullman) but I like your suggestion for a new title.

I can't wait to try it out!