Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Musings

spontaneous stochasticity: objects placed in a turbulent flow—even objects that are identical and are dropped into the same spot—will end up in different places. -The JHU Gazette

Mathematical physicist Gregory Eyink emphasizes that "It is crucial here that the flow is turbulent—as in whitewater rapids or a roiling volcanic plume—and not smooth, regular flow as in a quiet-running stream.”

Two truths: violent forces will push us in directions we can't anticipate; and moving out of the sphere of turbulence allows a measure of control.

Sunday musings.

"Near Butler Pond" by dmcordell

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Debbie said...

Ah, a very meaningful post for me as I head into the turbulence which is autumn with its scholastic uncertainty. I suspect there is far more thinking going on behind this post for YOU than you are sharing with us here. So...tell us more. What prompted these musings?