Friday, July 20, 2012


Podstock is a tech integration conference, held each summer in Wichita, Kansas. This gathering has a reputation for being friendly, fun, and innovative; many of its attendees are part of my social network on Plurk, Facebook, and/or Twitter. While I was unable to physically be there, I took the opportunity today to join the Podstock PhotoWalk 2012 as a virtual participant.

I've never been part of an organized photowalk before, although I take my own little camera rambles all the time. For this event, I had to sign up on a Google form, choose one of the themes, tag my photos appropriately, then add them to the official Flickr group.

Since I was on my own, I chose to interpret "Take a Closer Look" as encompassing both macro shots and photos of things that sometimes go unnoticed, like the impressive gargoyles that jut out from a local church steeple.

I took my walk in the nearby city of Glens Falls, NY, reasoning that its charming older buildings might parallel the Old Town area of Wichita where my virtual colleagues would be shooting. Rather than begin at the same instant as the Podstockers, I set out an hour earlier (my time) to be sure the natural lighting would be comparable.

The social aspect of a normal photowalk was lacking for me, as a virtual participant, but I look forward to seeing everyone's photos in the Flickr group and chatting online about the experience.

And next year, I intend to be walking those Wichita streets in person, camera(s) in hand and friends by my side!

Podstock PhotoWalk - Glens Falls Edition


Nedra said...

I'm so glad that you participated in the walk virtually. Love your pictures. I think you will really enjoy Podstock next year. It's been a great 3 days of learning and connecting with the PLN.

diane said...

I wish I could have heard your photowalk tips! I'll be doing a follow-up posting with educational applications for this type of activity.

EdVentures said...

Looking forward to having you there next year D!

diane said...

Thanks, John. It will be fun!