Friday, August 31, 2007

A Window on the World: Blog Day

"Out of the window,
I saw how the planets gathered
Like the leaves themselves
Turning in the wind."
Wallace Stevens, Domination of Black

It has only been two months since I began blogging. I have reflected on my professional life, made connections with educators and librarians in faraway places, and gained a nodding acquaintance with tools and applications whose existence I had not even suspected before.

My window has opened wide, indeed.

Carolyn Foote (Texas) has mentioned Journeys as a blog she would recommend, and I wholeheartedly return the favor: her Not So Distant Future explores the daily concerns of the teacher/librarian trying to move students in the direction of information fluency.

Beyond School's Clay Burell (Korea) has active student bloggers who participate in collaborative global learning projects. If our district technology cooperates, I hope to join in the fun, half a world away from our tiny rural school.

Also on another continent, Jo McLeay (Australia), of The Open Classroom, conducts Web 2.0 workshops for her colleagues and nurtures creativity through her class blogs.

Back in the U.S., Joyce Valenza (Pennsylvania) provides insight about 21st century searching, teaching, and learning on her NeverEndingSearch Blog.

And Sylvia Martinez (State of Washington) works through the Generation Yes Blog to help schools throughout the States integrate technology into the curriculum. Her advocacy of "student voice" is both eloquent and compelling.

This is just a sampling of the blogs I read daily, my self-directed professional development program.

To these individuals, and all the other intelligent, passionate writers who share their thoughts with us, I offer my sincere thanks.

"We are so often caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey, especially the goodness of the people we meet on the way. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling, don't overlook it."
Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane

I just wanted to pop past and thank you for taking the time to post comments on my blog.

Should also point out that your comment on mobile phones resulted in my post on policies stifling implementation of the use of technology with students, which other people picked up on and wrote their own posts about.

I also spent considerable time checking out the blogs you recommended for blog day - boy with technorati, google blog search feeds coming in - I now have even more blogs to add to my Google Reader. It may be going into overload :)


diane said...

Hi, Sue!

I try to "weed" my Google Reader periodically (it's up to 98 subscriptions now) but I can't see deleting any of my favorites, and the blogs I read constantly link to other valuable sites.

Fortunately, not everyone posts every day, and I can skim some entries (U.S. Dept. of Ed., Resource Shelf, Brittanica) to see if their current offerings are relevant to my interests.

For an avid reader/information hound, RSS feeds are like a daily birthday celebration!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane

LOL my subscription is up to 120. I will probably have to remove the Technorati and Google Blog Search feeds soon because they are the biggest feeds coming in.

After spending the afternoon locating so many new blogs as a result of Blog Day, which gave me better quality than the feeds from technorati and Google Blog Search, I did feel a bit like asking everyone not to post for a day. And felt sorry for all my loyal readers for all the posts :).