Friday, March 21, 2008

How Much is Your Blog Worth?

Thanks to Twitter friend Miguel Guhlin, I found yet another cool online toy to play with. When you enter your blog address into Dane Carlson's aplet, you receive an estimate of the site's value based on Technorati's API.

My results weren't too embarrassing, but I don't think I'll be cashing in any time soon.

My blog is worth $35,001.48.
How much is your blog worth?

Now if I could just legally change my name to
or better yet
I might have to take the money and run! Looks like my dearly beloved blog is safe for now.

I didn't want a permanent button, so I copied and pasted the results into this posting. Visit Carlson's site to see how your blog would fare on the open market.


Frank Conrad Martin said...

Or you could be me! My blog is worth $0.00. :-) Nowhere to go but up!


diane said...


I know that there are ways to pump up your Technorati ratings, but I've been "above" all that type of maneuvering.

That said, I do visit there occasionally and get a ridiculous thrill when I creep up a point or two.

I subscribe to you blog - believe me, it is "worth" a lot more than that valuation!


Anonymous said...

*laughs* My results were embarrassing! :)

I'm going to keep telling myself that it's an arbitrary number and it's based off of something silly.

But congrats Diane! <3 (You can probably cash in your blog once the Blog Market has hit its peak.)

diane said...


Had such things as blogs existed when I was your age, I probably wouldn't have taken advantage of them.

If creativity and true voice were being weighed, you'd give Guy Kawasaki a run for his money!

Stay well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the entertainment :-) As a budding entrepreneur (LOL) I'm ashamed to admit I'm only worth $27,662.46 - I NEVER check my technorati ratings though, not even sure how! But $27K isn't pocket change in my world, so if they'd really pay me that much I'd grab it so fast their head would spin :-) I love this arbitrary stuff, it's what makes blogging fun.......oh, and I've only been blogging since Jan, so that's damn good money for 3 months work!

diane said...


You are a mover & shaker, a pearl beyond price in my book.


CB said...

Well. One question: Where the hell are the buyers? And where should I place the "For Sale" sign?

diane said...


Still suffering from post-wedding bill paying I see.

Seriously, a savvy company could recruit part-time editors, facilitators, copywriters from the edublogosphere.

Are you listening, Frank!

Surely business and education should partner in any way they can.


Sarah said...

I thought, umm, at least the price of the time it took, say at $10 an hour. Nope all told $7,000 and a District that blocks it.
So I guess the thing to do is look for a day job, or another kind of night outlet.
I was wondering who "buys" them. I could use a good laugh.

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

My blog isn't doing great, but it is doing better than my jewelry :P