Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm Afraid Not

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive." -C. S. Lewis

Clay Burell pointed me to a video made by his guest blogger, Bill Farren, entitled I'm Afraid Not.

I shared this masterful little clip with my high school Current Events class, then asked them to comment on what they thought it meant.

What is the point of view of this video?
  • "The point of view is that of a patriotic person."
  • "To show us how the government protects us."
  • "I think this video was meant to inform people what our government is really up to. I think this person is anti-government in this video because he is using harsh war footage to show the real evils."
  • "They probably felt that nuclear warfare is wrong and shouldn't be used."
  • "This person seems to be against the government. He has a negative view on our government's choices and actions."
  • "I got the idea that the person who did this is definitely liberal and does not like the way things are going."

How does the "fear factor" apply to your life?
  • "I am not scared of any of this - it isn't happening in my yard, so I'm not too worried about it."
  • "I ain't afraid of getting attacked, I've got plenty of guns to protect myself and family."
  • "It applies to me because I've been on an airplane before and they check everything. Also, you can't go to a large public area without someone checking everything, so it is a big factor."
  • "When I went to the Great Escape [a local amusement park] I wasn't allowed to bring in food."
  • "The fear factor does not really affect my life. Extra security at concerts and in airports are a necessary precaution."
  • "The fear factor - security is tight and getting worse."

How much freedom are you willing to give up to feel safe/secure?
  • "I'm willing to give up a little freedom."
  • "I don't think were giving up any freedom, we're just being cautious about the freedoms we're given."
  • "I would not give up any freedom to be safe. Being safe is not worth not being free."
  • "I don't think that I would give up that much because it's the USA and we are supposed to have a lot of freedom."
  • "I feel that extra security is a good precaution."
  • "I think the regulations are good. I would rather feel safe than not."

Is this an effective video?
  • "I would say yes, this is an effective video."
  • "It is effective because it shows what the government is really up to."
  • "I think the clip was effective, it demonstrates the harshness of war well."
  • "This guy seems to have put his point across very well."
  • "I think he got his point across. It is very good, it makes you think."

What do you think the title
I'm Afraid Not means?
  • "I would say that this title means we aren't scared here in the United States."
  • "I think the title means I'm not afraid of what the government may do."
  • "I think the title means that they are not afraid of war and maybe they feel safe in this country."
  • "This title seems to mean that this guy is aware of terrorism issues and is not worried."
  • "I think he is afraid."

I won't critique their comments, except to note that in their responses, some of the students (6 high school boys) transposed the words in the title, changing it to "I'm Not Afraid."

What is your reaction to I'm Afraid Not? Would your students agree or disagree with mine?

"Fear" by Kables

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