Monday, August 25, 2008

Have a Fair Day!

Last week my husband and I visited the Washington County (NY) Fair. Although we don't reside within its boundaries, the district where I teach is located in this county, and many of our students participate in 4-H activities showcased at the Fair.

I went expecting rides, food, machinery, and farm animals. What I found was the perfect cross-curricular learning experience.

Every aspect of our state curriculum was covered, from social studies and science to math and ELA. Children were able to view exhibits about ecology, native and exotic animal species, recycling, fire safety, and healthful eating. There were things to touch, explore, test, and examine.

My biggest and best discovery was made in, of all places, the Swine exhibition area! I walked past a few stalls, then did a double-take and doubled back. One corner of the barn contained pigs named after book characters: Amanda, Babe, Olivia, Otis, Pancake. Book covers and related objects decorated the back walls. I got closer and saw the names of the children who had orchestrated this "literature into life" display: they are my students.

The topmost sign said: "Reading can take you anywhere."

It was, indeed, a Fair day.

The entire Washington County Fair set can be found here.


Teryl Magee said...

I believe that you received the utmost compliment--you have obviously touched your students lives and they have shown it! Congrats on a job well done!

Ann Oro said...

You must have been so happy to see that project. It's so good that you had your camera with you. I second Teryl's comment. They saw the connection to books and made it their own.

Anonymous said...

How absolutely, udderly cool. .. . oh, whoa.. . that would be cows, hm? Well, I think it's swinely divine! Congrats, Diane, that's one for your scrapbook. . . and for those days you feel under-appreciated or unsuccessful, pull out this pic!

Paula who can't remember her password!

loonyhiker said...

I think it was great that you found this on your own and I hope you share your delight with your students. I think that is really cool that they made this without you knowing about it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a nice surprise to stumble across at the fair! What a wonderful tribute to your work with them. Job well done.

diane said...

Seeing the girls' application of literature to life was very satisfying.

I'll be sure to feature their projects in our Open House and district newsletter.