Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bouquet of Lilacs

Today is Mother's Day, and my daughter presented me with a bouquet of lilacs. She has shared similar nosegays through the years, just as I do with my own mother.

I have written about lilacs before, and will probably continue to do so each spring.

The sight and scent of these lovely flowers evokes memories of times gone past, hopes for times to come: sweet nostalgia, lavender longings.


Cathy Jo Nelson said...

Your flowers are gorgeous. I saw this photo too. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful Mom!! It looks downright cool there to me too! You have on layers for pete's sake. We wore shorts and flipflops today, and I think Ive worn sandals for the last three weeks everyday. Still it seems as though you had a very special day today. Enjoy! (I love seeing your photos--I subscribed to the stream in flickr--does that make me sound like stalker?)

diane said...


The weather has been on the cool side, but warm sun in the afternoon means that the rest of our spring flowers - lilacs, lilies of the valley, rhododendrons - should be out in full force soon.

Thanks for visiting my Flickr photostream and sets. It's fun to share a part of my life and see how my online friends live their lives.