Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am now 62 years old. Strange to see it written out in uncompromising numbers and disinterested letters.

I don't feel different inside, though my mirror assures me that changes have indeed taken place.

If anything, my dreams and desires have increased over the past decade or so: I want to do and see and become so many things.

I'm still evolving.

The Journey is just beginning.


diane said...

Re. the hospital bill:
I was born on May 6, so this bill was for a 9-day hospital stay. Dad was a married student, attending engineering classes at RPI and working for the Watervliet Arsenal to supplement GI Bill allotments. Mom & Dad didn't have much flexible income, so this seemingly modest amount probably stretched their budget to the limit.

TJ Shay said...

Happy Birthday, oh Great One! I am privileged to call you my friend. Hoping the day is as amazing as you are.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ladybird! There's no limit to all that you are and will be-certainly worth more then 85.00, even with inflation, too!

yer biggest fan
(Daughter of Diane)

Unknown said...

Diane, What a delightful idea to post the actual document! May you celebrate this new milestone with joy. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday and for a wonderful retirement! Dawne (Plurk friend)

diane said...


The admiration is mutual. Your enthusiasm and compassion inspire me - and you do have a way with words ("the Others").


Thanks for your love and companionship. Cant' wait to be with all of my family tonight!


I haven't known you as long as some of my other online friends, but you are an important part of my network :-)

Anonymous said...

I always thought that I was older than you...Now according to this "document" it turns out that you're older than me! Bummer. Happy Birthday..Tim

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

You'll have time to do and see more things in the very near future... Had fun tonight, thanks for you birthday dinner!

diane said...


Ha, ha very funny! You KNOW you're older than I am. Better be nice - who else will understand and (maybe) laugh at your jokes?

diane said...


As always, you enhance any family celebration. Can't wait until Sunday, when the Moms and Daughters step out together. Great tradition!

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Dianne!

I might have guessed. A down-to-earth taurean!

Many many happy returns.

Catchya later

diane said...

Thank you, Ken! Are you a Taurean also?

SaNdY said...

I just found your blog (it was listed on a Quoteflections post) so I am late with birthday wishes...hope you had a lovely day! I love your last line...'The Journey is just beginning' true...

diane said...

Thank you, SaNdY. It's always nice to make new friends :-)