Tuesday, June 30, 2009

365 Project: June

The month of June brought many changes, not the least of which was my retirement.

Knowing that my career as a teacher/librarian was drawing to a close, I decided to include more pictures of students and school life. Flowers and holidays also appeared in some of the daily photos.

By far the most viewed image was Good Bye! As buses pulled out of the parking lot on the last day of school, elementary teachers gathered to give their students a rousing send off

I decided to include two "bonus" photos, one from my college yearbook

the other from a staff picnic/retirement celebration

since both images are associated with major changes in my life.

My favorite photos this month were The Visitor, because it was totally unplanned and unexpected (I didn't even SEE the insect until I cropped the photo!)

and A Grand Old Flag. This little girl is the first member of our extended family born in the 21st Century

I hope her life is as interesting and full of adventures as mine has been... and I'm not done yet!

You can see a slideshow of the 30 June photos (plus 2 "bonus" pix) here or view all of my 2009 photos to date here.

The two groups to which I contribute are 365/2009 and 2009/365.

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Paul C said...

Your third picture is a Jack in the Pulpit? It's one of my favourite exotic wild flowers. You captured its distinctive features so well.