Monday, May 24, 2010

Library Tech Geek Tribe

Tribe: A unit of sociopolitical organization consisting of a number of families, clans, or other groups who share a common ancestry and culture and among whom leadership is typically neither formalized nor permanent... A group of people sharing an occupation, interest or habit.

Due to copyright issues (about which librarians are VERY serious), we were unable to continue offering Library Tech Geek Squad buttons for sale.

The good news, is that our talented designer, Gwyneth Jones, has created an even better design: we are now the Library Tech Geek Tribe!

Items currently available on Zazzle include Tribe buttons and stickers, with other products in the works.

As before, any profits from the Geek Tribe line will be used to help support the Teacher Librarian Ning.

Please visit my Zazzle page for ordering information.

A week before ALA and ISTE we'll be publishing a copyright free conference badge for new Tribe members to print out and proudly display!

"The group" by Grzegorz Łobiński


Carolyn Foote said...

I like Geek Tribe even better :)

diane said...

Thanks, Carolyn. We thought it evoked feelings of unity, support, and family.

Cathy Jo Nelson said...


diane said...

See me in DC, Cathy ;-)

Cathy Jo Nelson said...

You know I will. I may very well WEAR the other one ANYWAY--nah the good librarian says dont. LOL

diane said...

Heck, I'm still going to WEAR mine - we just can't SELL them! I'll plead Fair Use if cornered.

@GwynethJones - The Daring Librarian said...

heh heh heh i stole your blog and put it on mine! sneaky library ninja

ok, ok, so i gave you credit...
but LOVES these items! gonna be FAB to have some cool Tribe Swag!