Saturday, April 9, 2011

Still Learning

While my husband painted en plein air today, I took the opportunity to wander with my camera.

We've been to this location before, a marshy section of Glen Lake, NY, bisected by the Warren County Bikeway. It's a lovely setting, but I was impatient for the wildflowers to make their appearance - snow and bare branches have lost their charm as photographic subjects.

An acquaintance and her hiking companion stopped to chat when they saw Tim's easel. Since they carried binoculars and cameras, I asked what they had seen on their walk. Luckily for me, both women are very knowledgeable about native plants; they were happy to "show" me a variety of shrubs and trees that I had barely glanced at before.

I take great pride in noticing details, but, without knowing what might be growing in that habitat, I had no foundation on which to build. After I photograph flowers, I use my research skills to identify and label them. Maybe I need to try a new approach and study the probabilities and possibilities before setting out.

Sue, one of the friendly experts, shared her favorite quote from Michelangelo: "I am still learning."

Obviously, so am I.

You can see my photoset of the Glen Lake Marsh here

"Artist at work" by dmcordell
"My experts!" by dmcordell
"American Hazel - female flower" by dmcordell

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