Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pocket Poems

Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day, a celebration sponsored by the Academy of American Poets as part of National Poetry Month. Since I no longer have classes of my own, Illinois elementary librarian John Schumacher was kind enough to invite me to Skype with a group of his second graders.

The students formally welcomed me, listened to the poem I had selected, then shared some of their own favorites. Each child was engaged, enthusiastic. It was evident that a lot of care went into the preparations for this activity. Other age groups Skyped with classrooms in Iowa, Michigan, Maine, Georgia, and Massachusetts.

It seems like an effective way to enjoy poetry, nurture reading fluency skills, and connect with new friends in far-flung places.

John shares book trailers at Watch. Connect. Read and blogs with his collaborative teaching partner, Shannon Miller, on Two Libraries, One Voice.

The poem I chose to carry in my pocket is "If I Had Wings" by Pie Corbett:
If I had wings I would touch the fingertips of clouds and glide on the wind’s breath.
If I had wings I would taste a chunk of the sun as hot as peppered curry.
If I had wings I would listen to the clouds of sheep bleat that graze on the blue.
If I had wings I would breathe deep and sniff the scent of raindrops.
If I had wings I would gaze at the people who cling to the earth.
If I had wings I would dream of swimming the deserts and walking the seas.

"Skyping with Mr. Schu's Second Grade" by dmcordell
"If I Had Wings" by dmcordell

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