Saturday, August 1, 2009

Begin - Again

"Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand -- and melting like a snowflake." -Marie Beyon Ray

My blogging has been sporadic recently, due to a number of factors.

I've retired from my position as a teacher/librarian and continue to evaluate my goals, prioritize my time, and try to determine what direction(s) my life should take.

It's also summer, a normally less-structured season for me, when impromptu trips and outdoor rambles tend to supercede online sessions.

The question is: do I want to continue blogging? If so, of what should my subject matter consist?

"Everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was." -Richard L. Evans

Although I'm no longer a classroom teacher, I'm still interested in education issues, both as a professional and as a citizen/taxpayer. Through my editing and facilitating duties at CyberSmart, and via numerous social networking sites (on Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk as dmcordell), I interact directly with educators. Their concerns remain my concerns: how do we best enable students to learn; how can we keep apace of technology and use it in all aspects of our lives; how do we remain active lifelong learners?

"When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die." -Eleanor Roosevelt

My daughter asked if I planned to begin a new blog, but I feel that Journeys: Adventures in Life and Learning is still relevant. If my perspective has changed, my "mission" has not. I'll still be exploring and, hopefully, growing.

You're welcome to journey with me!

"Grand Re-Opening" by Ian Muttoo


Taylor said...

I am having similar thoughts lately, although for different reasons. I really appreciate those quotes, and I am going to copy & paste for further reflection.

*raises glass* To new beginnings!


TJ Shay said...


You will forever be a learner and your opinion will be valued. You now have the most valuable commodity in the world of education, time. Although you will fill some time with hobbies and fulfilling new dreams, don't forget to do a little reflecting and sharing. Your best contributions are still to come because your career has come full-circle and you along can see the big picture.

You are an inspiration to so many people and we are all waiting to hear your thoughts. Keep sharing...keep dreaming...keep being the amazing person we rely on!

diane said...

Taylor and Terry,

Thank you for the responses and the sentiments you've shared.

Taylor, on further reflection, I can see that these quotes are equally applicable to beginning a career or changing direction in a profession.

Terry, you are a valued friend and a voice of affirmation.

Without the connections possible via the Internet, how would I ever have met such wonderful people?

loonyhiker said...

I feel even though we are retired, our knowledge and expertise can add a lot to the conversation. We have a different perspective than those who are just beginning to teach or even those who only have a few years into it. Please keep the conversations alive by continuing your wonderful blog! I, for one, really enjoy it!

Cathy Jo Nelson said...

I too am an avid reader, and would definitely miss this one. I think much of what you post is relevant to all levels of experience, from beginners to retired.

Paul C said...

There is a lot of wisdom in 30+ years of teaching which needs to be shared. Also there is now, more than ever, the opportunity for continued growth and learning. I'm looking forward to continued vital and interesting posts!

diane said...

Wisdom...not so sure about that. But, boy, do I have stories to tell!