Friday, July 30, 2010

How Sweet It Is: SweetSearch2Day

Mark Moran, CEO of Dulcinea Media, Inc., has launched a new site, SweetSearch2Day, which invites visitors to "Learn Something Every Day."

According to Moran,
"SweetSearch2Day, from Dulcinea Media, offers a daily curated assortment of the best content on the Web for history, language arts, science, news, culture and other topics. It was developed in consultation with leading educators to help integrate timely topics into daily lessons, and lead students to research and explore the best content online."

SweetSearch2Day continues the company's policy of presenting only "credible, high-quality and trustworthy Web sites, saving time for the novice and the experienced user alike." Companion sites, findingDulcinea and SweetSearch, have already garnered praise from library professionals like Joyce Valenza, who blogged about findingDulcinea as "a human-driven, and very useful tool for locating quality online resources for the classroom."

According to Mark Moran,
"We will launch a full version of SweetSearch2Day in early September 2010. We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement. Please write to us at "

I could envision this site being used as a resource across the curriculum and/or being offered to students as an enrichment activity. The assortment of facts, images and just plain FUN is sure to pique the interest of any child (or adult, for that matter).

So take a look, offer some feedback, play with the site. Learn something every day.

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