Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Name Game

I'm still processing my NECC experiences. I've taken notes about some interesting conversations: there is fodder for at least a dozen postings on my little pad.

The best aspect of NECC for me has been, just as I anticipated, the opportunity to link names with faces, blogs, and Tweets. I've been able to connect with individuals, to examine concepts we hold in common, to expand understanding, to explore new trains of thought. It's random, unpredictable, magical.

Until I'm back home with "worlds enough and time" to do justice to this period of intense sharing and growth, I'll leave you with some images of what matters most to me - my PLN. People.

It's always about the people for me.

"I have bought golden opinions from all sorts of people." -William Shakespeare


Ann Oro said...

I absolutely love the photos. I can identify some faces, but not others. It sounds as good as you hoped it would be. Looking forward to more reflections when you get home.

Jackie Ballarini said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Christine Southard said...

Hi Diane,
It has been a pleasure meeting you and all of our other twitter friends. @CSouthard :)

diane said...

Hope to meet you some day, too!

Thanks. Tell Red that refried beans figured in the menu tonight. He'll know what I'm referring to!

You and Lisa have the best smiles at NECC. Glad we were able to share some time together.

Graham Wegner said...

Amazing how I can recognise quite a large of faces from your pics, Diane, even from half a world away. Even sat next to one of them at a meeting for our local conference the other week (Al Upton) - but many of us have to be content with the web connections. Do you think it will change how you read their work in the future?

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and would love even more to see the names added to see how close I was to getting them right :) .

Anonymous said...

Diane -

Love, love, love the pictures! I echo all the rest of the comments, I want NAMES! I recognize many of the faces but want to make sure I "matched" them correctly :-)

Looking forward to being your roomie at NECC '09!

IMC Guy said...

Diane, I really liked your idea about jotting down notes for future blog posts while attending NECC, I never thought of that. Looking back, there were many times when I could have been doing this and now I have forgotten some of those ideas. Oh well. I'm glad on sat in the session you were a part of and I'm glad we had a chance to meet at the Twitter dinner.

diane said...


Yes, it will change my perspective, now that I have some context, some emotion connection.

Sue & Kate,

I'll try to compile a cheat sheet! Still trying to process it all. Hope you're BOTH at the next NECC.


Believe me, I used those notes when I did my latest posting! I tend to remember broad concepts but not all of the details. Wanted to link ideas with names, wherever possible.

I hope we get to talk more at some future gathering.

Cheryloakes50 said...

It was so much fun to meet you Diane! I loved your blog tee shirt and button. I am enjoying your blog as well. Keep writing and sharing.
Keep processing and sharing notes. I am just back from being off grid for 5 days. So much to think about so much to share. For now, off to the garden to weed and think.

diane said...


I feel a special connection with those I met at NECC, even if our paths crossed for only a little while.

Ideas keep popping up - for postings, presentations, things to try with teachers & students. Have GOT to be sure to at least have a scrap of paper with me at all times!

Anonymous said...

How good that you met up with some of the Aussie tweeters!! and all the others. I met up with them at a conference in Melbourne back in May. Nothing beats f2f.

diane said...


There needs to be an "enhanced NECC" in Australia, so some of us will have an excuse to travel there.