Thursday, September 4, 2008

Classroom Rules Part 2

In a previous posting, I previewed a SlideShare presentation that I had assembled for my Current Events class.

Today, students watched the show and wrote down the classroom rules that they thought I was trying to convey. Their often creative interpretations reminded me that what is "obvious" to an adult might suggest a totally different meaning to a teen.

Image #1My rule: Pay attention
Their take:
Pay attention
Listen to others when they are speaking
Don't speak out of turn

Image #2
My rule: Respect your teacher
Their take:
Listen to the teacher
No yelling - pay attention
Be nice
Be respectful
This is a good class
Listen, raise your hand, pay attention
Be quiet and pay attention
Follow the rules

Image #3
My rule: Respect your school/classroom
Their take:
Don't make messes
Keep class clean
Clean up
Don't litter

Image #4
My rule: Contribute to group work - collaborate
Their take:
Work together
Help each other

Image #5
My rule: Bullying will not be tolerated
Their take:
Don't ridicule others
Be caring
Don't pick on people
Don't laugh at others
People you are mean to are like you

Image #6
My rule: Be on time for class
Their take:
Use time wisely
Don't be late
Buy a watch
Don't waste time
Time is in your hands

Image #7
My rule: Come with the tools you need to work
Their take:
Come prepared
Have utensils
Be prepared - bring materials
Have pens or pencil

Image #8
My rule: Complete your work
Their take:
Finish all work
Work hard
Get your work done
Don't cheat
Don't copy work
No note passing

Image #9
My rule: Respect yourself (by doing your best)
Their take:
Be nice
Peacocks are beautiful (Beauty is feather deep)
Be beautiful
Stand out in a good way
Stand up, look beautiful
Express yourself

Image #10
My rule: Have fun
Their take:
Keep clean
Enjoy yourself
Have fun and be clean
Clean up
Be sure to bathe

Which of their responses caught your eye or made you think?

All image citations found on Slide 12


Heather said...

Thank you for sharing! My favorite interpretations are "diversity" for slide number 4 and "be sure to bathe" for the last slide. Slide 4 represents teamwork and contributing to the team, and you usually get great results when the team is diverse! And the last one just makes me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

I think your students ideas for the last slide were the best. Obviously some of them have personal hygiene on their minds. :-)

diane said...

I agree that my students were wonderfully creative.

Next step is to work to choose & refine the rules (maximum of 10, I think), then have them sign.

We can revisit the exercise if there are any issues as the class proceeds.

diane said...

And ben, I'll bet some of them were also referring to "clean" language!

Anonymous said...

Diane, this is so fabulous! I was inspired by you and have put together my own ppt which I will share when I get my students' input.
I hope to use the process to help them explore group brainstorming--I hope the answers they come up with are as thoughtful and creative as your students' suggestions.
Thanks for sharing with us.

diane said...

Thanks, Jan! It will be fun to see what your students come up with.

Yesterday I posted a collection of sites that deal with preventing PowerPoint bulleted agony.

Kapp's Avoiding Death by PowerPoint offers some ideas on incorporating both images and text in an effective presentation.

T'lia said...

I love "be sure to bathe". SO cute.

What grade were these kids?

diane said...


The students are in grades 9-12. When they talk about bathing, they have specific classmates in mind, usually!

Some of them might also be referring to my admonitions to use "school appropriate" or "clean" language.