Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What our eyes behold

"What our eyes behold may well be the text of life but one’s meditations on the text and the disclosures of these meditations are no less a part of the structure of reality." -Wallace Stevens

Tracings on a rock wall: ammonites,
swimmers in a lost ocean.
Unexpected beauty
bursting from a stony canvas.
Art for those with eyes to see.

"I have eyes to see now what I have never seen before." -Written in the late 1870s by a correspondence student of Ellen H. Richards. The student was learning through the Society to Encourage Studies at Home, which had been founded in 1873.

See other ammonites on my Flickr set, Fossils


Paul C said...

Hi Diane,

Beautiful fossil. I just blogged about the world's oldest rock.

I also collect heart shaped rocks.

From one lover of rock to another.

diane said...

There is beauty all around us, from those who have eyes to see.

I am in awe that I could actually touch something that lived so long ago.

Those rocks are amazing, they hold romance and wonder locked in stone.