Monday, September 15, 2008

Promises to Keep

While visiting my Dad during his last illness, I happened to mention that one of my favorite desserts was "invented" in a local hotel but I had not yet gotten there to sample their version. He made me promise that I'd visit the establishment and indulge in a special treat. "Don't miss opportunities," he said, "or you'll regret it."

That was five years ago.

Last year, my daughter got married and asked me to stand beside her, as her "Mom of Honor." As a thank you gift, she presented me with a beautifully decorated box containing a hand-made (by her) necklace, a book of wildflowers, and a gift certificate to the Cambridge Hotel.

On Saturday, my husband and I traveled to Cambridge for lunch. I enjoyed my apple pie a la mode, and as I ate it, I remembered my father's advice and my daughter's love.

Sweet, indeed.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely story Diane, thanks for sharing it.

Hope you're well - haven't caught up with you on Twitter recently but I've been awol for weeks while I did my house move. All well on that front.


diane said...


Thank you - our lives are full of stories, aren't they?

Nice to hear that you're settled in your new home. I've been happily wandering with my digital camera, as usual.

Paul C said...

Hi Diane,
My daughter got married this summer in a morning garden wedding and I lost a father about five years ago. He would have enjoyed being at the wedding of his grandchild.

Your post provides a beautiful illustration of the circle of love through the generations.

diane said...


I'm sure your father was there - in a smile, a turn of phrase, a shared memory.