Thursday, January 15, 2009

What are you teaching in 09? (a meme)

Dr. Joyce Valenza recently blogged about "some newer things I need to share with learners." She spotlighted
  • Creative Commons
  • Rethinking Fair use
  • Telling a digital story
  • Pushing information
  • Considering digital footprints
  • What are you holding? [determining the original format of information sources]
then challenged other librarians to similarly reflect on their focus and content.

Cathy Nelson accepted the challenge by composing a "letter" to students and co-workers listing her targets:
  • Web evaluation
  • Searching databases
  • Creative Commons/Fair use
  • Copyright
  • End of PowerPoint
In the spirit of true friendship (!) Cathy has, in turn, tagged me.

As SLMS (School Library Media Specialists), all three of us deal with the needs of a diverse population of staff members and students. We need to evaluate media center collections, stay current on appropriate information resources, and guide our own professional development. We also teach classes, both individually and collaboratively.

With this in mind, my focus list would have to include
  • Cyber bullying, cyber safety I will be integrating lessons in my high school Current Events class and teaching a dedicated unit to our two 6th grades.
  • Good digital citizenship Addressing online manners and integrity, including respect for the original content of others.
  • Technology evangelism Whenever possible, I mention and demonstrate my favorite tools & apps to my colleagues and, where appropriate, students. Many people now know of the existence of blogs, wikis, Google Reader, Flickr, Animoto, even Plurk (Twitter is blocked at school). Even if they don't use them - yet - they are becoming more aware of possibilities.
  • Literature appreciation The library will always be a repository for the creative literary works that form an integral part of our cultural heritage. Some people need the tactile, visual delights of a physical book in their hands. As a library professional, I need to track current trends in literature so that I can provide the titles that will interest my young patrons, making shelf space for classics, old and emerging.
  • Lifelong learning Who better to model this than a retiring Baby Boomer? I share my projects and plans with my school "family" and try to show them that there are no endings, just continuations and new beginnings.

Since this is a meme, I invite fellow librarians Judy O'Connell, Doug Johnson, and Carolyn Foote to add to the conversation.

"I am what the librarians have made me with a little assistance from a professor of Greek and a few poets." -Bernard Keble Sandwell

"Silhouettes" by Jeremy & Susanne


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Paul C said...

I really enjoy your list including the cautionary notes about the internet as well as the empowering components. Your library sounds energizing and stimulating for students!

Carolyn Foote said...

Thanks for the tag...I haven't had a chance to respond but I will :)