Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Make It a Meaningful Journey

Author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds shares stories and other educational resources on both The North Star and FableVision sites.

His set of "21st century kids" posters offers a starting point for many authentic experiences.

A discussion of the concept of "voice" might inspire young writers to consider the nature of learning, the purpose of schooling, and their role in each.

Brainstorming activities focused on "guiding stars" could lead to a the creation of a very personalized "21st Century Learners' Constellation," with any number of final products (Voice Thread, poster, mural).

"Please don't squish my ish!" cries out for creative language use.

Each of the 10 posters (available for free downloading to educators) could easily become the centerpiece of a lively classroom activity.

But on further consideration, I found myself thinking that these same posters would also lend themselves perfectly to professional development exercises. The 21st century kid needs a 21st century teacher/guide/co-learner.

Setting goals, tapping into creativity, finding a Voice and using it - these activities are particularly valuable for teachers and other school personnel.

Learning doesn't end with the awarding of a degree. It is a life-long journey, not a destination.

So heed the 5 Be's:

All posters are copyrighted and reproduced here with the permission of Peter H. Reynolds and FableVision, Inc.


loonyhiker said...

Thanks for the link! These were wonderful and I will be sharing this with others.

diane said...

Keep checking the FableVision site, as more posters are being added.

I love the fact that when you read The North Star online, you can pick English or Spanish, boy or girl.