Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blogger Widgets

"Free Widgets from a Gnome @ Gnomedex" by mil8

One of my Plurk friends had a question this morning:

"on blogger, how do I get those little boxes that people can rate my posts?"

A quick search turned up these possibilities

and some other potentially useful widgets

What widgets do you consider valuable? Can you add to our list?

In the immortal words of Geek Squad member Robin Williams, "Where there's a widget, there's a way."


Sarah Stewart said...

The snag is with widgets is that it is very easy to get carried away and add heaps on your blog. But then you end up with a very cluttered blog which interferes with the reader's ability to make sense of your posts. So, my message about widgets is....less is more. cheers Sarah

diane said...

I totally agree, Sarah! I periodically rearrange and purge the widgets on my blog. And I will not allow ads to clutter up my pretty page!

Sarah Stewart said...

The trouble is...your post is now tempting me!!

And worse yet...I've gone from widgets to Blogger templates...I should never have read this post LOL

diane said...


(is there a widget to add emoticons?)

rahul sethi fatehabad said...

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