Friday, January 22, 2010

EduCon 2.2

"EduCon 2.2 is both a conversation and a conference." -EduCon wiki

One week from today, I'll be checking in at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, ready to participate in three days of connecting, learning, and sharing.

SLA Principal Chris Lehmann and his staff have once again put together an outstanding schedule featuring "conversations" led by an impressive group of educational leaders and innovators.

Among the unique features of this event are the Friday tours, where guests can attend class and interact with SLA students, and the Friday evening panel discussion held at the Franklin Institute.

This will be EduCon's third year and my second time there. For those unable to travel to Pennsylvania, virtual attendance is an option.

For more details, visit the EduCon 2.2 wiki. Lists of attendees can be found on the Who's Coming page and via the Liz B. Davis Twitter list.

SLA Principal Chris Lehman

SLA students in a science lab

Conversation leaders Lisa Thumann and Liz Davis

Authentic Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches from the Saturday evening "Philly Classic Dinner"

The Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia, PA

See other photos from EduCon 2.1 (2009) in this slideshow


Deven Black said...

I'll be going to my first Educon and I look forward to meeting you and so many others I've gotten to know over the past year on Twitter.

There should be some very interesting conversations going on.

diane said...


My first EduCon (last year) was what I had hoped to experience at NECC: a group of interesting people with a lot in common who interact in a low-key atmosphere.

The small size of the conversation/conference makes it more human and, in my opinion, much more valuable than mega-conventions.

See you there!

Lisa Thumann said...

Diane - I'm looking forward to chatting again this year. One of the fantastic things about Educon is that it's a reunion of sorts - so much fun, yet such a great learning opportunity.

See you in a week!

diane said...


You and Liz are quite the dynamic duo! See you soon.

Liz B Davis said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Philly!

Lisa Thumann said...
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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! What a great shot of Lisa and Liz!! They look so happy! I'm sure it had nothing whatsoever to do with the next picture (Philly cheesesteaks).

Hope everyone had a great time at EduCon!

diane said...


These photos were from last year - Lisa and Liz were setting up for their presentation and soon had us all up and dancing.

I'll be posting this year's reflections soon. If it's at all possible, you MUST get to EduCon next year - it's the highlight of my educational calendar!