Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fire and Ice

Last night, Sir Ken Robinson participated in a live and interactive Elluminate interview that attracted more than 500 attendees. Robinson's talk focused on the concepts examined in his book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.

One definition of passion is "
intense emotion compelling action." People who are passionate about some thing or some one evince energy, enthusiasm, and focus. Channeled positively, passion can drive creativity and facilitate change. It can infuse the passionate person's life with purpose and meaning.

Sir Ken is a passionate advocate for creativity in education. But with scripted lessons, mandated standardized testing, slashed budgets, and teacher layoffs (particularly in non-core subject areas, like library programs and the arts) is there room in our education system for student and teacher passion? And can passion live where it is blocked, stifled or belittled?

The fire of passion or the ice of indifference and indecision... which do we choose for our children?

You can access the Elluminate session, or view Sir Ken Robinson's Hammer Lecture on the same topic

"The Eye of the Fire" by onkel_wart
"frozen heart" by Hilarywho

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