Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Report from Dorado

It's been gratifying to learn that I can stay loosely connected to my network while heading out to explore the "real" world. So, although I may be missing some of the details, I've managed to stay current with broader issues by skimming my Google Reader and popping in to Twitter, Plurk, and Facebook occasionally via my laptop. Not exactly unplugged, but not obsessive, either. Good to know!

Here are some random observations from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico:

Because my brother-in-law's family has been visiting this area for over 30 years, he and his wife have made friends with many of the local residents. It's nice to have that more authentic perspective on daily life.

Many of the other condo owners have lived and worked in the states, most often as teachers or government employees.

The children, and an impressive number of adults, speak fluent, effortless English.

All students wear uniforms here, with each school having a distinctive "look." We've seen shirts in red, pink, yellow, and black; a variety of patterns on jumpers and skirts; and some truly startling plaid pants!

It is amazing to observe the variety of plants that thrive in this tropical climate. The orchids that were an Easter corsage luxury in my younger days spring exuberantly from planters and grow on trees here.

Although temperatures have been in the mid- to high-eighties F, the sea breezes and lack of humidity keep the climate very pleasant at this time of year.

The beach we use each day is sheltered by a coral reef. The water is pleasantly warm (although I hear that it becomes almost uncomfortable in summer) and trees provide welcome shade. The tides leave a fascinating residue of shells and other sea treasures. A particular favorite of mine are the pieces of fan coral, which sometimes resemble feathers or even wings.

We have visited Isabela and will be exploring Old San Juan some time soon, but most days, I am content to sit on beach or patio, watching, listening, and dreaming.

I fill my ears with the sound of the sea, trail my fingers in the sand, and enjoy this gift of warmth in winter.

My (still growing!) Flickr set from Puerto Rico can be viewed here.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading your description, it makes me feel like I was there with you! Glad you are enjoying yourself! Give my love to everyone! XOXO Kelly

diane said...

Thanks for letting us use "your" room, niece Kelly!

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