Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scenes from a Life

Chris Betcher posted a comment about the limited educational value, high coolness factor, of Animoto. Since I'm still in adjustment mode at school, I thought I'd "cheat" a bit and share a slice of my life as a K-12 Teacher/Librarian for my posting today.

Wednesday and Thursday evening are Parent Nights in MS/HS and Elementary School, respectively. Perhaps I should bring my camera...


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane

Great to see that you are also enjoying Animoto. I think the best aspect I am enjoying is the debate over the educational value of using it because of the lack of control.

Personally I think for a tool that you can use to quickly engage kids it is great.


diane said...

I'm with you, Sue. I'll take the "Wow!" factor whenever and however I can get it. Since you can remix the same photos as often as you like, the lack of control doesn't bother me. If I had to (try to) duplicate the effects on my own, it would take years!