Friday, July 11, 2008

Where in the World?

Since I hope to incorporate "geography literacy" in my Current Events class next year, I decided to make some Animoto clips featuring different parts of the world.

My first one was inspired by NECC. Can you guess Where in the World it is from the images? If anyone else would like to spotlight a city or country via Animoto, Voicethread, or any other tool, please send a link and help me build a data bank.


Anonymous said...

What a cool idea Diane! Maybe I will try this at school- what did you do this summer? Where did you go over vacation? Or, since my kids come from many different towns- 3 states- they could take photos of their own town and put them up either on animoto or maybe voice thread and talk about them.
Thanks for the inspiration!

diane said...


I'd love to see samples of their work, once you done the project.

I also created Places I Remember
to show a class where I've traveled (should have used windmills for the Netherlands, though - they thought Amsterdam was Venice, Italy!)
and Keeping Current
highlighting current events issues my students reported on.

I believe that both VoiceThreads and Animoto still have special accounts for educators, so be sure to enquire.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Diane. I loved the music you chose. Can you caption the images on animoto? I guess I need to explore animoto for myself. I would love to see what my students could do with it. Very inspiring :)

booklover472 said...
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Anonymous said...

Love this idea! It is one I will definitely share with my faculty when school starts.
I can imagine using Animoto for a "What Date in History" type video clip also - finding copyright friendly images, of course.
How about in English class, giving students a word that has multiple definitions and then having them take photos and create a music video on "What Word Am I?"
Animoto is perfect for riddles. Thanks for the great idea!

diane said...


I don't think you can caption on Animoto, but you could add text to pictures on a site like before uploading them.

Please share any student creations!

diane said...

booklover472, that idea! A lot of critical thinking would go into selecting appropriate clues, then finding the right images.

Thanks for expanding on my idea.