Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting Physical

There was an item in the news this morning describing fishing as a dying art. Sportsmen are worried that today's children are so involved in motorized and digital activities that they lack the time or motivation for a lazy day along the banks of a pond or stream.

I work in a rural district, where families routinely take their children out of school for annual hunting trips. But even in farm country, the lure of dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and the universal computer games, frequently replace real life outdoor activities.

My own married children offset their Wii time with bike rides, hikes, and camping trips. Younger generations don't seem to seek the same balance. Once organized sports are over for the season, many students migrate to the computer or TV.

Does gaming, even a Wii fit workout, provide the same benefits as a walk in the woods?

"Pretend Fishing" by ml_diva
"tex playing video games" by RebeccaPollard
"wonder of nature" by JonF119


Anonymous said...

Even the techiest among us must admit that balance is good. Everything in moderation - get online, play some games, Twitter, Facebook, etc., but get out and go for a walk, ride a bike, or play a sport, too.

In the winter it's all too easy to go into hibernation mode, but once the more moderate weather arrives, I think it's vital, especially for children, to be active. The webcams at the zoo are great, but they're no replacement for actually going to the zoo!

Anonymous said...

It probably doesn't matter in the long run. We seem to be destroying the lakes, streams, and ocean so there won't be any natural fishing. And we're using up the forests so there won't be any long walks in the woods.

So maybe they can virtually fish on a Wii, or do zip lines through ersatz forests at amusement parks. And they'll be happy.

Or maybe we'll get smart.

loonyhiker said...

I enjoyed every year taking my high school students on an 8 mile hike at our state park. It was so much fun to see the world through their eyes. I think we need to offer more opportunities for students to encounter nature in real life and not just virtually.

diane said...


Balance was my goal for 2009. I'll admit to a lower activity level in cold months and am considering a Wii for winter fitness. But once the weather warms up, I want & need to spend time outdoors.


Those who don't value natural reasources won't work to preserve them.

And Pat, you're so right - someone needs to introduce children to the wonders of nature or they might not discover the pleasures of exploring the "real world" until later in life, if ever.

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

I've got some serious spring fever going on here! Can't wait to climb and ride again - I can only take so much of fighting people for parking spaces and equipment at the YMCA and my Wii Fit mocking me!

diane said...

I've heard that the "trainer" on Wii Fit can get quite snarky if he/she feels you are slacking off. Want a written excuse?