Sunday, March 1, 2009

365 Project: February

Month two is complete; with March, comes photo #60. Rather than running out of subjects, I'm finding it difficult to select a single picture each day.

I continue to raise my eyes, examine more closely, choose different perspectives, consider parts as well as the whole. There are a lot of life lessons being learned via my little digital camera!

The photo that received the most views and comments in February was Digging Out:

My personal favorite was The Gallery, because it captures my two children as they examine their father's paintings in a local art exhibition (and the Alamo painting was created for me, as a memento of our trip to NECC in San Antonio):

You can see a slideshow of the 28 February photos here or view all of my 2009 photos to date here.

The two groups to which I contribute are 365/2009 and 2009/365.

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