Thursday, September 24, 2009

Long After the Tide Goes Out

"088/2009 Year 2 Foorprint" by Tyla'75

The video, Think Before You Post, offers a powerful reminder that students should be cautious when posting pictures on the internet.

However, this is only part of the story.

In Digital Footprints, Pew Internet defines a Passive Digital Footprint as "personal data made accessible online with no deliberate intervention from an individual." Combine this with an Active Digital Footprint, "the traces of data we contribute voluntarily, often in specific contexts with specific audiences in mind," and it's obvious that there is a vast amount of data being collected on every individual, starting, in some cases, even before they are born.

Read Digital Footprints, share and discuss the video Digital Dossier with your students. Help them understand that
"Unlike footprints left in the sand at the beach, our online data trails often stick around long after the tide has gone out." -Digital Footprints, Pew Internet


Paul C said...

'Think Before You Post' should be required viewing for all teens; it's sure to reach their heart in a simple yet powerful way. I like the image you chose for your title.

diane said...

I agree - and also required viewing for their teachers and parents!