Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pieces of the Puzzle

As the new year begins, many of us have started, or continued, participation in 365 (photo a day) groups. A Twitter friend was lamenting the fact that she couldn't use Flickr for this activity - she doesn't have a Yahoo I.D. and therefore was unable to create a Flickr account.

Her comment triggered a vague memory, so I did a bit of searching. It gave me great pleasure to to inform her that new Flickr users can now sign up - and sign in - with Google OpenID.

This little interaction highlighted for me one of the huge benefits of a PLN (personal learning network): it allows you to tap into the collective wisdom of your colleagues. In our information age, no one can be an expert in everything...but everyone can contribute something to the conversation, frequently more than they realize.

That trick or tool that's been in your repertoire for months may be a revelation to some in your network. A frustrating technical problem could be a quick fix when you crowd-source the issue.

It's nice to know that the answer to your quandary may only be a click away.

"Puzzle pieces" by liza31337


Anonymous said...

Well one is an expert at everything, but we CAN all help each other, thanks to the Internet.

diane said...

My feelings exactly! Many of us have picked up our skills in a nonlinear, haphazard manner. Pooling our information enriches everyone.

M Coleman said...

Great points & thank goodness for sharing!

FYI - I got here via your Flickr QR posting!

diane said...

Having fun playing with QR codes - I've contributed some pieces and my PLN is contributing many others to an understanding of the possibilities these codes offer.