Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Power of the Product: An EduCon Conversation

Gwyneth Jones (the Daring Librarian) and I will be hosting a session, The Power of the Product, at EduCon this year.

We're excited to be exploring this topic and hope you can join us on site or online.

One of our discussion tools will be a crowd-generated Google slideshow. Gwyneth & I will the ball rolling, and then invite you to add your own examples to the slide deck we're constructing. Additional resources are being archived at the TL Virtual Cafe.

A conversation is only as "Creative, Meaningful and Daring" as its participants. Come join us, and see what we can build together!

*and don't miss Gwyneth, along with Shannon Miller and Joyce Valenza, at The Future of Student Inquiry/Research session!

"PowerofProductSodaonDeskH2" by The Daring Librarian


diane said...

Wonder if I can come up with a catchy tag like "The Daring Librarian"? Maybe "The Ageless Librarian;" "The Eternal Librarian;" "The NeverEnding Librarian" LOL

debschi said...

Will be there! Some thoughts...
How does the product and/or choice of product contribute to student learning? How does the product influence the process? Is it even more valuable when incorporated as part of the process?
I like the Eternal Librarian personally; go for it!!

diane said...

Thanks for your feedback, Debbie. I look forward to seeing you in person again.

Eternally yours...

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